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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


started as a Greek-American Production Company located in New York and evolved into a web platform, devoted to support and promote artists and the arts in general. Free of charge, Greek Theater NYC website is dedicated to all professional artists worldwide, who are looking to showcase the work, projects, productions & exhibitions or they just need some more advertisement and free exposure via the web.

"As a woman in the entertainment industry for the last 25 years, I realized from a very early age, that I have to work, try and fight 3 times harder than anyone else. I started from point zero, without a strong financial background, famous parents, connections or friends in high places. I have learned the hard way about racism, chauvinism, sexism, underpayment and more. I had to overcome crazy obstacles and ignorant people, prove my talent & my value and at the same time keep my dignity and avoid traps.
Our world can be unfair & difficult; cruel & savage; shallow & superficial; but it can also be colorful & bright; kind & sensitive; truthful & decent!  It is up to us to bury ourselves deep in the ground or spread our wings and touch the sky! And the secret is ONE:
Unity, Togetherness, Cooperation! Treat others exactly the way you want to be treated!
I consider myself a seeker of equal opportunities and fair competition, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, skin color, age or background.  Therefore, I decided to do the exact opposite of everyone I met in my career so far, who tried to deny me the chance and the right to succeed: Instead of closing the door, I open it and invite all professional artists, with compassion, love, cooperation, guidance and help! So, in my attend to give a good example and prove my point, I created this website/platform of free advertisement for artists who'd like to show/showcase their work. And this is just the beginning"!

Natassa Pantelidi